Gwo Xi Stem Cell Company has established the R&D center for cell therapy development since 2011. We are committed to developing stem cell medicines that have the potential to help patients with unmet medical needs. Our production lines fully comply with the medical regulation (Good Tissue Practice, GTP) governing cell preparation in Taiwan. We have three clinical trials are ongoing in Taiwan, and one clinical trial is ongoing in Vietnam. To put stem cell medicine into practice, we have established the stem cell preparation factory (15,225 m2 built-out space), which will apply the PIC/S GMP certification for cell therapy product, at Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park in Taiwan.

Medical-Grade Cell Preparation Platform


Our platform fully complies with the medical regulations (Good Tissue Practice, GTP) in Taiwan. We have four clinical trials are ongoing by now including GXHPC1, GXNPC1, GXCPC1 and GXIPC1, which the indications are liver cirrhosis, chronic stroke, osteoarthritis and diabetes, respectively.

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