Fully abiding by the medical regulation (Good Tissue Practice, GTP) in Taiwan, we have put three stem cell medicines into clinical trial phase II in Taiwan, including GXHPC1, GXNPC1 and GXCPC1, for the treatment of liver cirrhosis, chronic stroke and osteoarthritis, respectively. Moreover, for overseas deployment, we are executing a clinical trial by adopting allogeneic adipose tissue-derived stem cells (ADSCs), GXIPC1, for the treatment of diabetes in Vietnam. Four stem cell medicines are made up of ADSCs and each of these medicines possesses unique patented technologies. The reports of the cell therapy products' quality are served by an independent testing lab, GTESTing®, which possesses TAF certificate (certificate number: 2800). In accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017, the international standard of laboratory quality system, GTESTing® has served several cell therapy companies to execute their clinical trials.

Clinical Trials

Liver Cirrhosis (Autologous) / Adipose-derived stem cell (NCT04088058)
Chronic Stroke (Autologous) / Adipose-derived stem cell (NCT04088149)
Osteoarthritis (Allogeneic) / Adipose-derived stem cell (NCT03943576)
Diabetes (Allogeneic) / Adipose-derived stem cell (NCT05308836)

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