GTESTing® Laboratory

'GTESTing® Laboratory' is committed to serving a full range of cell therapy product quality tests. We have been upholding the spirit of impartiality and independence to obtain the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) certificate (certificate number: 2800) since 2013. We provide high-quality testing services that meet the medical regulation, standard, and customer needs related to clinical and molecular biological tests. The laboratory is equipped with advanced equipment and independent testing space to provide qualified reports related to cell therapy product.

Furthermore, we constantly develop new testing technology to provide various testing services, including stem cell characterization, peripheral blood stem cell identification, microbial tests, telomere analysis, cytokine analysis, etc. To satisfy our customers' inquiries, we integrate our services into different programs so that our customers can quickly figure out.

Nowadays, as the market of regenerative medicine has dramatically increased these years, a series of demands relevant to cell therapy product test has also been arouse. 'GTESTing® Laboratory' has launched the 'clinical-grade cell therapy product testing platform' since 2017, and has served many cell therapy firms in Taiwan to help put their products into clinical trial. In the future, we will keep improving our capability in accordance with the medical regulation to provide our customers the best service.