GXNPC1 is a novel autologous adipose-derived stem cell therapy for the treatment of chronic stroke (first-in-class). In pre-clinical research, GXNPC1 has demonstrated that it can increase the expression of homing effect, anti-inflammation and angiogenesis; In animal model of ischemic stroke, GXNPC1 showed improvement by behavior tests, including beam walking, locomotor activity, and rotarod analysis.

According to the human trial phase I, the outcomes demonstrated that there was no adverse event. Moreover, all subjects significantly improved after GXNPC1 tranplantation at 6 months follow-up (Tsung-Lang Chiu et al., 2022). Currently, GXNPC1 is ongoing in clinical trial phase II (NCT04088149).

Discovery Channel Taiwan - A Documentary Film about GXNPC1 Human Trial


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